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  • Front Door
  • Front of Kirkconnel
  • Side Elevation
  • Grounds
  • Reception
  • Roaring FireTo keep you warm during the cold spells!
  • Sitting Area
  • Main Stairway
  • Antique Display
  • Double Suite
  • Four Poster Bed
  • Stairway two
  • Breakfast Area
  • Dining Room
  • Bar Sitting Area
  • BarFancy a drink, I don't mind if I do!
  • Function SuiteBright, light, huge! Comfortable for any occasion.
  • Old Ruins
  • Log Cabin Grounds
  • Log Cabin
  • Caravan HookupEnough space for 5 caravans to reside.
  • Cottage Walls
  • Cottage and OutHouse
  • Garden full of snow drops

The ruin of Kirkconnel Hall

The ruin of Kirkconnel Hall is the remains of a "Keep Tower" which is believed to have dated back to the 15th Century. During that period until around the early 1600s, the property was owned by the Irvings and the Maxwells. However, there was a dispute of ownership between these two families until 1622, when the Maxwells came in force to assume possession of Kirkconnel Hall. It was then that William Irving of Kirkconnel complained to the Lords Council on 25 January, that James Maxwell and others came armed to Kirkconnel, entered the property with swords and pistols, with the intent of killing William Irving.

After many more years, and various heirs, the propery was inherited by Archibald Arnott in the early 1800s. Archibald was a surgeon with the 11th dragoon regiment, and was posted to Saint Helena, where in 1821 he was called upon to attend Napoleon Bonaparte in his last illness, and he was there until his death on 5th May 1821. Before Dr Arnott left Saint Helena, he took a cutting of a Willow Tree which was growing next to Napoleons grave, and when he returned to Kirkconnel Hall, he planted it in the gardens, where it remains today.

The property was passed down the family line many more times, sold on several occasions until its present owners acquired it in 2006.

The full story of Archibald Arnott can be viewed by clicking here.

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